Tourist information about Oyama Town Shizuoka Japan

Ootagoten Shrine ginkgo tree3.1

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Shizuoka prefecture designated cultural property on March 22nd 1966. Root circumference 6.15 m, height of eye 6.15 m, tree height 24 m, branch spread from east to west 18 m, north and south 17 m, age 300 - 450 years. The roots and trunk with drooping lacteal organ shape is prized, and there is a legend that woman that don't have enough milk pray and will have milk appear.

By car: Tomei Gotemba IC – National Route 246 toward Kanagawa and turn right at Suganuma intersection for about 15 minutes
Bus: 5 minute walk from "Saikoji" bus stop


Nearest Airport/StationAshigara St. (about 2.1km) Google Transit


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