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Kintaro Tour


Kintaro from Mt. Ashigara introduce the charm of Oyama Town!!
Kintaro loves the events held in Oyama Town
So he visits various parts of Oyama Town and participates in the events.
You might as well meet Kintaro!?
This is a tour around Kintaro's birthplace!

Route Mount Kintoki  Oath Hill  Sarumachiai  Kintaro Sakura  Kintoki Park


Mount Kintoki3.9

Elevation 1212 m. Until the Edo period, it was called "Inohanayama (猪鼻山)", but before one knows the name "Kintokiyama(金時山)" has been used.
In literature from 1820, it is written that "Sakata Kintoki grew up in this mountain and followed Minamoto No Yorimitsu, therefore is called Kintokiyama."
It is also recommend trekking around Kintaro's legendary spots and Ashigara historic sites.
From the summit of the mountain in fine weather you can view the Tokyo Sky Tree and the Sagami bay, and anniversary badges are distributed at the summit on New Year’s Day every year.
There are courses from Ashigara-toge and from Arashiba for mountain climbing, but you can enjoy a dynamic mountain climbing experience on both courses which has a steep slope from the Torii just below the mountain top with chain ground.

Mount Kintoki

about 4.9kmGoogle Transit

Oath Hill3.7

Along the "Kintaro Fujimi Line", and this is one of the photographing points of Mt. Fuji.
From an atmosphere that will make people want to shout out unintentionally toward Mt. Fuji, which towers greatly before your eyes, this hill was named "Oath Hill".
It is also popular as a power spot with the saying that if you ring the "bell of oath" set on the hill and lock a heart-shaped monument, that oath will always be fulfilled.
There is the "Literature monument of Jiro Nitta" who loved Mt. Fuji, and it is bustling with people as a place for relaxation and refreshment for hikers.
Many cameramen visit this place in spring and autumn to shoot "Diamond Fuji".

Access by Car: Oyama Town Office - Prefectural road Route 365 (Kintaro Fujimi Line) towards Kanagawa for about 15 minutes

Oath Hill

about 2.4kmGoogle Transit


It is told that this is where Kintaro’s good friend monkey was waiting for him every day on the way climbing Kintokiyama.

Access by Train: 15 minute walk from JR Suruga Oyama station


about 0.5kmGoogle Transit

Kintaro Sakura3.8

"Kintaro Sakura" is a single cherry tree at Suruga Oyama station yard.
From the town residents cherishing this Sakura tree, it naturally became called the Kintaro Sakura.
At Suruga Oyama station which is the entranceway of this town, this Sakura tree informs people the first visit of spring.

Kintaro Sakura

about 1.6kmGoogle Transit

Kintoki Park3.6

A park that has maintained its surroundings, and the shrine built on the site of the birthplace of "Ashigara mountains Kintaro" that is sung in nursery rhymes.
There are Chorori Nanataki which is said that Kintaro gave its first bath, and the Dairokutenjya which is a children protection shrine.
"Mount Fuji Kintaro Spring Festival" is held on May 3rd every year, and children in the town will unleash the votive sumo wrestling tournament held in the precincts of a shrine on this festival day.
Various trees and plants flower in the park, this place is great for little picnics and walks, and as a play area for small children.
How would you like to take a bento box and get out on a sunny day.

Access by Car: 3 minutes down Nakajima Interchange at National Route 246, 5 minutes from the Oyama Town office

Kintoki Park