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Oyama Town Gourmet Tour


All produce of Oyama Town is brought up in rich soil and are all high quality.
Eat up Oyama Town gourmet tour.

Route Mushroom dishes (Yamagoya)  Kintoki Inaka Soba (Buckwheat noodles)  Wasabi Monaka  Kintaro's Kuma Dora, Kintoki Monaka  Kintaro Tomato


Mushroom dishes (Yamagoya)3.8

As the name of a mountain hut (Yamagoya), the husband who runs this mountain villa at Subashiriguchi opened a mushroom cuisine shop beside his house.
Self-cultivated delicious mushrooms are thoroughly safe and flawless, always fresh, and impressing neighboring madams who are strict in taste.
There is a tree fragrance in the air of the log house style shop, and the fire of the wood stove kindly warms our heart.
When we are greeted with the landlady’s smile and seasonal flowers, you can experience the feel of relaxing like your own home.
Reservations are accepted for lunch parties and banquets etc.

TEL 0550-75-2113

Mushroom dishes (Yamagoya)

about 7.4kmGoogle Transit

Kintoki Inaka Soba (Buckwheat noodles)4.4

Oyama town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Good Brand Recommended Item.
Countryside style soba (Inaka Soba) made with Oyama town's yam with herbs as the binding agent.

TEL 0550-76-6660

Kintoki Inaka Soba (Buckwheat noodles)

about 4.5kmGoogle Transit

Wasabi Monaka3.6

The 3rd generation young master is managing the Marunaka Wasabi shop where the first generation emigrated from Izu, founded in 1868 after cultivating the first Wasabisawa in Oyama. 100 years since then, this long established store provides the best wasabi raised with abundant spring water from Mt. Fuji and keeps preservation methods from old days without using preservatives or chemical seasonings at all. Wasabizuke (Wasabi pickle) pickled in stored and matured sake lees is a masterpiece with the spark of spiciness in the mild mellow taste.
In addition "Yamasodachi" is a raw wasabi monaka with wasabi kneaded in with an exquisite balance of refreshingness and fragrant smell, and there are even customers from far away who just only come to buy this. On other hand, it also produces new wasabi products such as snacks and noodles. Mail order is also available by telephone or the Internet.

TEL 0550-76-0753

Wasabi Monaka

about 0.9kmGoogle Transit

Kintaro's Kuma Dora, Kintoki Monaka3.4

Oyama town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Good Brand Recommended Item.
Black like a bear Dorayaki with bamboo charcoal, and Monaka named after Kintaro.

TEL 0550-76-0124

Kintaro's Kuma Dora, Kintoki Monaka

about 3.9kmGoogle Transit

Kintaro Tomato2.9

Fruit tomato cultivated in "Eco Farm Fujinosato".
It grows with red soil containing lots of minerals inherent in the foot of Mt. Fuji, and it is features are its hard firm flesh and rich flavor.
It reproduces the optimal environment for tomatoes that prefer a lot of insolation and dry land, and it is produced with water and nutrients managed by a computer.
Eco Farm Fujinosato is actively working on the sixth sector industrialization, and sweets such as tomato ice and sorbet are deployed at local convenience stores and highway Service Areas.

Kintaro Tomato