Tourist information about Oyama Town Shizuoka Japan

Spring full bloom Sakura tour


Lets enjoy the beautiful sakura of Oyama Town!

Route Kintaro Sakura  Fuji cemetery park  Fuji cherry (Fuji Sakura)  Subashiri Hot Spring Tenkei


Kintaro Sakura3.8

"Kintaro Sakura" is a single cherry tree at Suruga Oyama station yard.
From the town residents cherishing this Sakura tree, it naturally became called the Kintaro Sakura.
At Suruga Oyama station which is the entranceway of this town, this Sakura tree informs people the first visit of spring.

Kintaro Sakura

about 8.3kmGoogle Transit

Fuji cemetery park3.1

A park graveyard with 230 hectare site surrounded by flowers and greenery at the foot of Mt. Fuji, about 8,000 cherry trees such as Fuji Sakura and Somei-yoshino planted in the cemetery entrance path, this place is chosen as one of the Japan top 100 Sakura sights, it is crowded with 100,000 people when it is in full bloom in the middle of April.
Besides these plants there are seasonal flowers such as Japanese apricot (ume) and azaleas will show its beauty.

By Car: 10 minutes from Suganuma intersection to Sukuba at Japan National Route 246, turn right at the intersection with signboard and 5 minutes along the road
By Bus: 25 minutes from JR Suruga Oyama station and Gotemba station to Bus stop "Fuji cemetery park (Fuji-reien)"

Fuji cemetery park

about 8.4kmGoogle Transit

Fuji cherry (Fuji Sakura)3.3

Fuji cherry (Fuji Sakura) grows naturally at the foot of Mt. Fuji, which is a Two Qiaos tree with the height of 3 to 6 meters, having small flowers.
The flower is pale salmon pink, and the calyx has a reddish color.
It is also called Mame-sakura (pea-size cherry blossom), suitable for bonsai because of the small leafs and the variety it has, and even young trees will often have flowers.
They bloom all together at once from April and June, before the leaves grow.

Fuji cherry (Fuji Sakura)

about 12.8kmGoogle Transit

Subashiri Hot Spring Tenkei3.4

This hot spring is the closest to the top of Mt. Fuji. You can enjoy various hot springs in bathing suits at facilities such as "Puuro", and there are other good facilities such as a quality outdoor hot spring (Rotemburo), sauna, massage, resting room, charter resting room, and restaurants.

By Car: From Gotemba IC, take Japan National Route 138 towards Yamanashi for about 25 minutes, 3 minutes from Fuji Goko Road Kushiro IC
Bus stop: 3 minutes on foot from "Fuji Kogen golf course"

Subashiri Hot Spring Tenkei