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"Oyama Town", a great tourist spot Kintaro was born and has great view of Mt.Fuji

Oyama Town is located in the north-east part of Shizuoka Prefecture, 1.5 hour drive away from Tokyo.
"Kintaro"(a hero of one of children's stories) was born in this town.
Oyama Town is nature-rich, Mt.Fuji lies in the west and Ashikaga Pass is in the east of town.
Tomei Expressway and Route 246 and 138 are running through the town.
It is a town with a wealth of nature and easy access to metropolis.

January 1 : The first sunrise of the year at Mt.Kintoki and Ashikaga Pass
April 20: Seitendo Festival
May 3: Kintaro Fujiyama Spring Festival
late-June: Yufune Hydrangea Festival
last Saturday in July: Kintaro Fujiyama Summer Festival
second Sunday in September: Ashikaga Pass Festival
middle-November: Homon-Park Momiji Festival
late-January: Fuji Marathon Festa

Oyama Town

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"Farm Stay(NOHAKU)" at Kannami-town in Shizuoka Prefecture

Have you experienced "Farm Stay(NOHAKU)" in Japan?
Kannami-town is one of the best place to experience NOHAKU for foreign visitors in Japan.
Enjoy the homestay with local experience!

Kannami-town is the town which is located in a basin with rich nature surrounded by Hakone Mountains, only 1 hour from Tokyo by Shinkansen.
You can enjoy some leisure experiences such as harvesting vegetable or milking the cows. Also, nice astronomical observatory is in Kannami-town, that will be a good opportunity to explore the space mystery for visitors.
Dairy farming with a 140 year-history flourishes in Kannami-town, and you shouldn't miss "Tanna Milk" or "Kannami Vegetable".
In addition, it is easy to access to Atami or Hakone, so you can make the travel plan flexible.Kannami, farmhouse-stay