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"Oyama Town", a great tourist spot Kintaro was born and has great view of Mt.Fuji

Oyama Town is located in the north-east part of Shizuoka Prefecture, 1.5 hour drive away from Tokyo.
"Kintaro"(a hero of one of children's stories) was born in this town.
Oyama Town is nature-rich, Mt.Fuji lies in the west and Ashikaga Pass is in the east of town.
Tomei Expressway and Route 246 and 138 are running through the town.
It is a town with a wealth of nature and easy access to metropolis.

January 1 : The first sunrise of the year at Mt.Kintoki and Ashikaga Pass
April 20: Seitendo Festival
May 3: Kintaro Fujiyama Spring Festival
late-June: Yufune Hydrangea Festival
last Saturday in July: Kintaro Fujiyama Summer Festival
second Sunday in September: Ashikaga Pass Festival
middle-November: Homon-Park Momiji Festival
late-January: Fuji Marathon Festa

Oyama Town


"Farm Stay(NOHAKU)" at Kannami-town in Shizuoka Prefecture

Have you experienced "Farm Stay(NOHAKU)" in Japan?
Kannami-town is one of the best place to experience NOHAKU for foreign visitors in Japan.
Enjoy the homestay with local experience!

Kannami-town is the town which is located in a basin with rich nature surrounded by Hakone Mountains, only 1 hour from Tokyo by Shinkansen.
You can enjoy some leisure experiences such as harvesting vegetable or milking the cows. Also, nice astronomical observatory is in Kannami-town, that will be a good opportunity to explore the space mystery for visitors.
Dairy farming with a 140 year-history flourishes in Kannami-town, and you shouldn't miss "Tanna Milk" or "Kannami Vegetable".
In addition, it is easy to access to Atami or Hakone, so you can make the travel plan flexible.Kannami, farmhouse-stay

cherry blossom viewingshrine/templeautumn foliage

Welcome to the Home of Kintaro

Minamiashigara city is located in the western of Kanagawa prefecture, approximately 12km from east to west, 9km from north to south with a surface area of approximately 77.12 square kilo meters. This city borders with Yamakita town to the north, Kaisei town to the east, Odawara city and Hakone city to the south, Oyama town to the west. It is about 80km from Tokyo, and 50km from Yokohama area.
Minamiashigara city is an alluvial fan surrounded by Kintoki Mountain(1213m high), Hakone Gairin Mountain and Ashikaga Pass, and Ashikaga Mountains. The river valley which Karikawa river and Uchikawa river run down, and the alluvial plain of Sako river make a geographic feature of west area's high elevation ,east area's low elevation.

Minamiashigara city is supplied with rich water of Hakone and Tanzawa, so various farm products can be grown in Ashigara area.

Minami-ashigara City